Cat Assistance is a not-for-profit organization founded on the belief that every animal deserves a second chance. Our focus is taking in cats from private owners who are forced to give up their cats as well as rescuing cats and kittens from overcrowded shelters that have run out of time and may be in danger of euthanasia. We give these cats necessary medical treatment which may include spaying and neutering if necessary. Each cat is socialized and loved while in our care, in the hope that we can match the cat to the perfect home. We also work to educate the public about the importance of spaying & neutering to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals.


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Maddie's Fund

Cat Assistance is a not-for-profit rescue organization that has been in operation since 1999. We are a 5013 tax-exempt, not-for-profit dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens from local shelters. We added dogs to our mission in 2010 and have rescued numerous dogs from local overcrowded animal shelters.

Thanks to the grant from the Maddie’s Fund we were able to save many dogs that needed extensive medical attention. We are asked to take in many dogs and cats from our local shelter and we are constantly contacted about taking in injured and/or unhealthy dogs and cats.

During the 2015-2016 grant period We were specifically able to save three injured/unhealthy dogs and cats!

These lifesaving rescues were made possible by a grant from Maddie’s Fund! You can read more about the incredibly generous, valuable work they do at!



Cat Assistance is desperately in need of foster homes for cats and kittens. Want to learn how to bottle feed orphan kittens? Would you love the experience of helping a nursing mom with kittens? Or maybe you prefer to help an older cat.



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Bionic Ben's Emergency Fund

Ben was found as a stray in Mount Vernon, NY, apparently abandoned. He was nothing but skin and bones with his hind left leg hanging from his body!

The broken leg didn't seem to affect his sweet nature one bit! He wiggled and wagged and won the hearts of the shelter staff!

After an x-ray was completed, it was shown that he had a completely broken femur. This brave, young pup had a femur bone that was in two pieces! We will never know how it happened, but according to the x-ray he had been limping around for 2-3 weeks and luckily did not sustain internal bleeding.

Our wonderful Orthopedic Specialist told us the leg was salvageable but required extensive surgery. The following day he met Ben at the Petchester Veterinary and performed an extensive and long surgery, the cost of which came to $2800. The surgeon implanted a metal pin that enabled the bone to be put back together with an external fixator to hold the pin in place for 8 weeks.

The surgery was just the beginning. Brave little Ben will have a long and difficult recovery, but he will have full use of his leg again and be able to eventually enjoy his life pain-free, in a wonderful, loving home!

Please make a tax-deductible donation to help us help us - every dollar counts!

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